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Ice 22

ice 22Whether you are looking to put more money in your pocket, reduce energy consumption, increase the comfort of your home, or do your part in saving the environment, there are many benefits to having ICE 22 installed.

ICE 22 is synthetic oil that lubricates the compressor and removes compressor oil from building up along the line set and within the evaporator coil. The result is the air conditioner will:

  • use less power when it runs
  • produce cooler air
  • reduce wear and tear
  • reduce air conditioning repairs
  • prolong equipment life
  • make less noise when it runs

Excellent Protection for New and Old Systems

ICE 22 is going to add years to the life of a new system. With its advanced lubrication properties, air conditioning compressors will have less wear and tear and therefore, reduce the degradation rate associated with non-protected equipment.

With older systems, ICE 22 provides a very quick return on investment. Older systems will have the greatest immediate improvement — on average a three degree cooling improvement and up 10% A/C energy reduction.

If you are looking to get your air conditioner through one more season, looking to reduce your summer time electric bill, or looking to prolong life of your equipment, ICE 22 is a great investment.

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