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Standard Filters

standard air filtersStandard Filters were designed to correspond with all the standard sized fans. Filter shapes available are square / rectangle or round. Custom filters have case specific designs to fit your case exactly. Both these categories may be ordered in either black or white filtering mesh and the filter frame in any color or metallic finishes. As new trends emerge so this range will be adapted. What is considered custom today might become standard tomorrow. The filters above are what the standard range consist of currently.

Media Filters

media filterMedia filters are efficient, low maintenance and an affordable way to filter the air. Air filter media is very commonly used by HVAC. Media filter capacity is very high compared to some of the other filter types available, such as pleated air filters. Pleated air filters become blocked quite rapidly because they are made of a single layer of material where as Media air filters utilize all of the material in the filter. If dust is not stopped by the first part of the filter it will be stopped as it gets deeper into the filter. They are available at some of the hardware stores and online. Air filter media pads come in pre-cut change pads and rolls .

Benefits of Media Filters

  • Removes 97% of pollen, airborne dust and other large particles
  • Permanently traps indoor allergens that can lead to respiratory problems
  • Visibility and control allows you to monitor and control the air cleaner function through the home from a single, central location
  • Simple maintenance- just replace the filtering media once per year

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